From as far back as I care to remember fishing has played a huge part in my life. My dad was a great role model, someone who passed on his passion for angling, nature and the great outdoors, catching was always a bonus in them days. 

Over the years this amazing pastime has given me some of my best friends, it’s given me some special personal achievements, allowed me to enjoy and share some of my friend’s most amazing angling moments and it’s also given me an escape from the stresses of everyday life. 

The rise of social media has had it's negatives but here at BORN & BRED we choose to avoid negativity at all costs, it has no place in the carp fishing I know and love. We surround ourselves with positive, like minded people.


I appreciate carp fishing is personal to each individual, but if you're not fishing for yourself and your own achievements then I believe you're missing the essence of why this pastime becomes a life long journey, one that will stay enjoyable forever, one that you can never complete, but one that will give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

With this in mind, we thought carefully about the use of social media but we like nothing more than enjoying some great photography, pictures that capture the real essence of angling, pictures that take trips down memory lane, old and new carp strains and images that capture the vibe and give us the opportunity to celebrate angling in the right way, with no ego’s or bullshit. 

So if you're posting images on Instagram that you're happy for us to share then feel free to #bornandbredcarpgear, or send any images that match our ethos to bornandbredcarpgear@gmail.com that you’d like us to share on our social pages, some of the best shots may also appear on our webpage www.bornandbredcarpgear.co.uk gallery and of course we'll always credit the captor and lens man! 

Stay positive, celebrate the past and protect the future.

Thanks for the support

BORN & BRED Carp Gear